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Ozone installation for the Aquarium

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Ozone install

Ozone installations by most aquarium maintenance companies is improperly installed. Therefore, this can be a serious health risk for people and pets. Reef Solutions uses generators, reactors and post filters. With a proper ozone installation for the aquarium. The ozone system will maintain a constant ORP and will not leak into the surrounding room.

The best way to describe the process of using ozone in an aquarium is to first understand its chemical makeup. You’re probably already quite familiar with oxygen (O2), and far less acquainted with the three-molecule makeup of ozone (O3). Ozone is highly reactive because out of those three molecules – one desperately wants to separate itself from the trio. When this particular revolt takes place, ozone produces an impressive, oxidizing effect. Fortunately for us, we have learned how to harness the power of ozone to achieve numerous goals, including improving indoor fish and reef tank maintenance.

Molecular Structure of Ozone

Ozone is a gas made up of three (3) atoms of oxygen:

O + O + O = O3

Oxygen (we breathe) is made up of two (2) atoms of oxygen:

O + O = O2

The atoms in O2 are stable – each atom “holds on” to the other.

The atoms in O3 consist of a stable pair (O2) and a third, unstable atom.

It is the unstable atom that gives ozone its power!  Ozone is generated when energy “splits” the stable O2 bond.

This can occur three different ways:

  1. Naturally occurring

–Formed when lightning strikes

–Ozone layer formed by UV energy from the sun

  1. Man made (incidental)

–Welding, copy machines

  1. Man made (deliberate)

–Corona Discharge ozone generation

–UV ozone generation