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Anemone fish

Aquarium Maintenance Services


Reef Solutions can create a program that fits anyone’s service requirements and budget. We can service your aquarium daily, twice weekly, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Because of the sensitivity of a reef environment, we service them weekly. We recommend a weekly or bi-weekly service for fish only systems.


10% water change, fill sump with RO/DI water at desired level. Scrub algae off of inner aquarium walls using magnet and hand scrubbers. Change or service pre filters due to detritus buildup.  Add supplements and clean protein Skimmer.

Clean outside glass, ensure pumps, lighting, etc. are certainly working properly. Clean sump area, perform fish health assessment. Test water, calcium, alkalinity, nitrate, phosphate, PH, ammonia, nitrite, salinity, etc.  Deliver livestock/fish food as needed.

Saltwater and Freshwater Fish-Only:

10%- 50% water change and vacuum gravel furthermore, bleach decorative corals as well as scrub algae on glass, including gravel line. Replace or clean filters, including protein skimmer.

Ensure pumps, lighting, etc. are working properly and  clean sump area. Perform a fish health assessment. Test water, pH, ammonia, nitrite, salinity, etc. Add trace elements, carbon and conditioners. Deliver livestock, and fish food as needed.


Reef Solutions takes pride in all of our installations. Therefore, we make sure all of our plumbing is leak proof, and not a fire hazard. Aquariums are normally installed next to high end flooring and cabinetry, so with that in mind, plumbing your aquarium correctly is certainly our top priority. There are 2 types of material used to transfer your aquarium water to filters, flexible tubing and pvc.  Reef Solutions uses pvc and vinyl tubing. The system is plumbed with pvc and then the the connection between the pump and pvc are joined with vinyl tubing. Therefore isolating the pump vibration from the aquarium.